Mar 22, 2012

Having seen the trailer and heard things related to  the book and its main protagonist, Katniss Evergreen, I feel like if I can boldly say that I nominate Katniss to be one of the biggest Mary-Sue of this century! I will top her with Bella sawn (from Twilight saga^(remember her?)^). She is like:"Oh, everything is my fault. I`m the Mokingjay, I`m a rebel, Peeta wanted kids but I did not but now I sort-of understand why." So self center and egocentric, such a Mary-Sue!

Feb 23, 2012

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

So beforehand some Irish background! The english kept a strong hand towards them, they were cruel to them. Force them to raise their sheeps, but why sheeps? Well they did so beacuse whe sheeps graze they (almost) completly eat the pasture, which means that no cattle could graze due to the sheep. So it means no meat for the Irish! There diet was plainly based on potatoes. But what happends when you plant only one crop? It sucks all the nutrients form the Earth making it infertile, thus ending the potato production.
 Also, the Catholics prohibite abortion or any `unnatural` form of anticontraceptive methods, so it was not uncommon to have a full house. But, obviously they could not afford them all so they were turned into beggar, thieves, you name it. 

 Swift pamplets starts by detailing a common Dublin street scenarios, beggars here, eggars there, beggars on the roof, a mother followed by sis childrens, etc. They are so poor that, according to him, they can only join the army and fight with James Edward (trying to regain his throne) in Spain, or sell themeselves to the Barbadoes (sort of indenture servants). He goes on saying that those children are unuseful, and if anyone  finds a way to make them useful, then deserves the highest glory. (So badly the Irish where seen)

 Here come the introduction of his "plan", it will not only be for the beggars but to all the Irish population; after being "drop from the dam" (views them as being born like and from animals) mothers can only feed them for a solar years. Afterward, they become a burden, and for their life they will but beg for food. They`ll be contibuting to the feeding andd clothing of many. At this point is imaginable what his proposal truly is. This plan, will prevent women from aborting (since Irish are Catholics, that is condenmed practice) bastard children, which he consives as something inhuman. Plus they also used to sell their children, whom are not worthy so whomever is selling them does not wins a lot of money. 
 An American (barbarian) has told him that a year old that has been properly nursed (breastfeed, and fat), roasted, stewes, baked or broiled makes a nutritive, and tasteful dish. Hundred and twenty thousand he has computed, for breeding twenty thousand should be safe; from it at least one-fourth should be male. (4 females and 1male to "do them") Notice how he keeps treating them as though they were me animals. ANd the remaining be sell at the markets, fat and plump; a children could make at least two dishes, or be magnificently displayed like a roasted pig. A good, hearty baby can weight up to twenty eight pounds, but the est meat will be conserved by the landowners, since they are owners of the infant breeders. The charge of nursing a beggar`s child is two shillings per year, they can be sold at ten shillings and give the mother eight shillings. Those who are more thrifty may skinned them and use their carcasses to make gloves for the ladies and summer boots. Although the butchers may not want to perform such a task, also he recommends buying them alive and butchered them as though they were pigs.

Swift also proposes another "plan" for the older children: be used as though they were game. But, according to an American, boys who are 12 or up taste horrible, due to the fact that they have exercise. Killing girls 13 and up means that breeders will be reduce, and seems unhuman. (The ironny just sticks!) There is also some concern for the sick and old, but it is quite fast, he says that they don`t matter because soon they`ll be dead.
 Swift summarizes his major points:
  1. It`ll diminished the number of Catholics.
  2. The poor people will have tabgible assets (something to sell and pay the landlord`s rent)
  3. It is a new, innovative dish.
  4. The breeders, beside getting some coin, get rid of a burden.
  5. That meat will better the taverns, it`ll be served with the best wine, cook by the best.
  6. Women will try their best to nurse them to make them fat, and thus more expensive. Likewise men will not beat their wife in fear of a miscarriage, but care for them like they care for female such as mare in foal.
As well as the probability of importing the meat to other counties, or just keep it in home and enjoy it. Swift finds no flaw in his plan, and it was only proposed and planned for Ireland. What he says next is something that highlighted that his plan was to be taken seriously, not comical like now a day it is viewed. Before anyone contradicts them, Swift says that they should take into consideration two things. Firstly, it is the only way to give thousand of useless mouth a source of income. Secondly, he is sure that also "creatures in human form" will much rather preferred to have been sold when they were a year old, rather then live a beggars life.Viw it as a portunity to save those children from leading the life they led.
 At the end he humbly says that his children are past that age and his wife past childbearing, this says, or can be seen like: "I could do it (sell his babies), but my wife can`t have no more, and my son won`t make a good food." Swift "humbly" says that if he could he would implement it.

Feb 17, 2012

Where was Gaga?

Over the past two years we have been bewitched by Gaga`s outrageous performaces and outfits, but this years Red Carpet felt a bit empty. Why? Easy, Mother Monster was no were to be seen! During the whole carpet-thing, I was thinking/wondering: when will Gaga appear?!
 In the Grammys of 2010 she wore a space-age solar system dress, towering platforms, mostard-like hair, while carrying a star-shaped sparkle. Representing or showing the fab-star that she is.

Who will forget Gagas eggcellent entrance?
Carried by her slaves and accompanied by her nurse in yolk-color outfits.
The stage was then lit up and she hatched to sing her newest single, "Born This Way."
She was wearing a yolk-colored latex bra, pasties, a skirt and showed off a bare stomach. She also had bare pointy shoulders, black lipstick and a long, pink side ponytail. What a blast it was!

But this year we barely saw her, there were some rumors running around it. Like: she has run out of ideas (yeah righhhttt...) The most accepted excuse is a rather simple and tru one: she is a diva.
 For this year Grammys she wore custom Versace, which included a rhinestone black veil that covered her entire body (even her face) and then became a sort of chain mail for a structured metallic gold bodice with extra-sharp shoulders. She also had a matching gold scepter!!! and metallic nails to finish the look. She added a pop of color to her ensemble with a matte red lip and strong cat eye. Her train is also connected to her hand for mobility's sake
We saw Gaga in a dominatrix fashion net, fish netted from head to toes, but compared to Nicki Minaj Versace cape and her pope, (and even in comparison to Russian singer Sasha Gravida machine gun) she looked....tamed/lame. Not e

Gaga got caught in the dominatrix fashion net, covering herself in black fishnets from head to train. She did carry a gold scepter, but considering Nicki Minaj showed up with her own pope and even Russian singer Sasha Gradiva wore machine guns on her arm, this feels ... tame